What is a Ceramic Fired on Decal?

A decal is made by silk-screening powdered ground glass onto a sheet of transfer paper. Then it is applied to the ceramic piece. During the firing process the media burns away while the ground glass melts and encapsulates the oxide, fusing it to the ware that the decal has been applied to. The image becomes an integral, permanent part of the ceramic material which will not fade with time nor by exposure to bright sunlight, and can only be removed by mechanical abrasion or by strongly acidic chemicals. Basically, it lasts forever. 

Are the Steins dishwasher safe?

The mug versions (without the metal lid) are dishwasher safe. However it is recommended that you hand wash the steins (with metal lid).

What forms of payment do you take?

Right now we only accept major credit cards. Unfortunately we can not accept Paypal at this time. If you would like to pay with a personal check or Bitcoin please email us and we can arrange it.

Why China dude?

We get peoples concerns and its awesome to support USA made products. We personally buy locally and sustainably as much as possible. However when it comes to our steins we are trying to meet a larger demand and customer base. We want everyone to be able to afford our steins not just the super niche die hard stein collector who is willing to pay $$$ for an authentic stein made in Germany. China is known for Ceramics, hence the term "Fine China". We are using a quality factory, they are fully certified and..... there is no child labor.   

Price seems high for made in China

Our price is a standard mark up. Bottom line is that steins are expensive to make and if you want something cheaper then you will be paying for something cheaper in quality. We also pay the artists we work with a higher percentage than the industry standard. As artists ourselves we want to support artists and make the whole experience very positive.

Ive got a retail shop, you wholesale or would you do a custom run for my brewery?

Definitely! Send us an email and we can discuss wholesale pricing and/or custom capabilities.



I 'm in Portland, can I come pick up my order to save on shipping? When can I come by?

Yep! Select "Store Pickup" as your shipping option, no shipping will be charged. This is the only instance this option should be selected. We are typically here 7 days a week from 9-5.  However, we strongly suggest emailing us first and confirming a day and time.