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Lucha Libre
  • On Sale now the "Lucha Libre Stein" in 3D !!!  Did you know that it comes with a pair of custom Münkstein 3D glasses? Your friends will turn green with envy as you sport some 3D style action.  Plus a 3D Lucha Libre Coaster is included in this deal!


    Lucha Libre Stein is designed by the genius of Dr. Alderete. The worlds first red and blue 3D Beer Stein. Be one of the first to experience the oddity of it all.


    Lucha Libre Beer Stein holds 1 Liter and is 10 inches tall. Fast Cars, Sexy Babes, Aliens, Werewolves and more all take on Lucha Libre for a chilling action packed adventure.

    Lucha Libre

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