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The Grim Reafer -Water Wash
  • A celebration of the 4/20 holiday season! With a working pipe attached to the lid, you can smoke in between sips of your favorite beverage. An ideal combination of 2 great indulgences.


    The artwork for our Grim Reafer stein and mug was designed by Matt Stikker, who is an illustrator/graphic designer and musician residing in Portland, OR. His work is grounded in the music and culture of heavy metal, horror movies, comics, fantasy, science fiction, and the occult. He counts ink luminaries Bernie Wrightson, Jack Davis, R. Crumb, and Jack Kirby among his foremost influences. Primarily an illustrator, Matt's customary medium is pen and ink, although he also works in acrylic and digital painting. He is also a guitarist and vocalist/lyricist for Portland-based bands Drouth and Iron Scepter. Visit his webstore at



    Mug $30

    Stein: $75


    The Grim Reafer Stein is 12 inches tall, while the Grim Reafer Mug is 8 inches. Both have a 3 inch opening and hold one liter of your favorite brew. This is just the 9th project produced by Munkstein, with more in the works.


    The Grim Reafer will be sold as an open edition mug (without lid) and a limited edition stein (with lid)

    The Grim Reafer -Water Wash

    $75.00 Regular Price
    $37.50Sale Price
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